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Mission statement:

The Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) tells the inspiring stories of Nantucket through its collections, programs, and properties.

Nantucket Historical Association Strategic Plan

Objective I: Achieving Financial Stability
A healthy financial base ensures that the NHA is the best possible steward of the collections, the properties, and the stories that tell of our islandís rich history. An increasingly healthy financial base ensures the associationís sustainability..

Objective II: Caring for Our Collections, Including Properties
Our collections, be they Betty lamps or buildings, help us tell the story of this island over four centuries.  Their perpetual care is as crucial as our making these collections-based stories increasingly accessible for all to enjoy.

Objective III: Providing Transformative Experiences
Our island is a “microcosm” of America, and so our stories are American stories. We believe that direct and moving encounters with our past make for a more informed and engaged public.      

Objective IV: Providing and Promoting a Consistent Identity and
Clear Brand

Fortunately, our portfolio of properties and programs is large, all the better for sharing the chapters of our history.  However, as any book has many chapters, it also has a cover and a consistency about it that we, too, must have to ensure that our Association’s message is clear, consistent, and compelling.