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"A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound."

– Charles Baudelaire, 1859

Visions of Her: Portrait Photography by Nantucket Youth is a contemporary exhibit featuring modern portraits of inspirational Nantucket women, as captured by teens from the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club and the Nantucket High School.

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In celebration of the NHA’s Year of the Nantucket Woman, we asked a group of talented teenagers to identify and photograph local women they found inspirational and distinctive. These women would represent the teens’ vision of the spirit of Nantucket, or the Grey Lady.

Throughout the spring of 2010, our group met weekly and explored all aspects of portraiture, from theory to practice. We discussed the works of world-famous photographers, handled artifacts from the NHA’s miniature and daguerreotype collection, and learned field tips from local guest photographers.

Our aim at the NHA was to help these young artists explore portrait photography and share their individual “visions of her” with the greater world.

Showcased together for the first time in the Hadwen & Barney Candle Factory, the portraits created for Visions of Her present a rich mosaic of contemporary women living on an island seeped in history.

From behind the lens, the teenagers emerge as both visual artists and young history-makers. Their art opens our eyes to the quiet heroines who surround us, transforming our collective understanding of the Grey Lady and her extraordinary residents.

Hear directly from the young artists about their inspiration and their experiences.

This exhibition made possible with the generous support of:

Beverly Hall and the William Froelich Foundation

With special thanks to:

Nantucket Boys & Girls Club
Nantucket High School

Bartlett’s Farm
Lisa Frey at Nantucket Event Media
Nantucket Bake Shop
Nantucket Frameworks