May is National Preservation Month—a time for us to reflect on the special nature of Nantucket. The other eleven months of the year demand our vigilance as well, for if we are not careful, important landmarks can disappear. We have all seen this happen. It happens too often.

What favorite Nantucket places would you miss if they suddenly vanished?

We asked students at the Cyrus Peirce Middle School this question in 2006, and we provided them with cameras to record their own special places. This is their response; this is their exhibition.We thank them for their insights and for their artistry.

We offer our special thanks to the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation for supporting this important initiative. Additional thanks go to the staff of the Nantucket Public Schools, particularly the Cyrus Peirce Middle School, for the time and energy they so willingly gave to this project.

Landmarks of Nantucket! is a collaboration involving the Nantucket Historical Association, the Nantucket Preservation Trust, and Sustainable Nantucket. Those of us who have had the privilege of working with these students believe that Nantucket will be hearing a lot more from these young people in the future!

Bill Tramposch

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  1. Alison Levy
2. Alaina Paterson
3. Alexisse Clinger
4. Ben Daniels
5. Brianna "Breezy" Beaumont
6. Camilla Woodley
7. Cara Garuti
8. Casey Lendway
9. Charlotte Tallman
10. Debbie Campbell
11. Ella Blasi
12. Elsie Gaw
13. Flinx Martin
14. Grace MacLellan
15. Jackie Trudel
16. Jordan Emery
17. Julia May Newman
18. Kaitlyn Clinger
19. Keegan Bartlett
20. Larissa DaSilva
21. Leah Pearl
22. Merrill McCluskey
23. Michael McInerney
24. Nicci Aguiar
25. Nikita Pratts
26. Ocean Kane
27. Olivia Harrington
28. Oscar Andersen
29. Parin Darden
30. Patrick Davis
31. Stephen Reis
32. Theresa Head
33. Thomas Riche