For two hundred years, the tower of South Church with its gleaming gold dome has stood watch over Nantucket Town, witness to the fervor of the golden age of whaling, the island’s sleepy decline, and its reemergence as a tourist resort. Beginning in the 1870s, photographers such as Henry S. Wyer, Harry Platt, and others created breathtaking panoramic images of the town from the tower. These photographs reveal the life of Nantucket through the decades, with detailed glimpses of its changing streets, buildings, and wharves, and an intimate look at its ongoing evolution up to the present day.

Whitney Gallery, NHA Research Library, 7 Fair Street

This exhibition celebrates the 200th anniversary of the South Church on Orange Street through artwork, posters, and historic photographs. The South Church Preservation Fund, Preservation Trust, and the NHA are collaborating on this celebration of the church's anniversary.



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Slideshow of Interiors of South Church
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More information on the South Church

View Sanborn Maps, which offer footprints of buildings in 1887, 1892, 1898, 1904, 1909, 1923, and 1949.

Read "A Brief History of Religion on Nantucket" by Georgia Ann Snell, originally published in the Historic Nantucket, Vol 50, no. 1 (Winter 2001), p. 19-22.

Former Minister of the Unitarian Church Rev. Ted Anderson gives us a little insight into the history South Church on Plum TV. Click here to view.