Gyotaku: The Art of Fish Printing with Chris Bonelli

Gyotaku Fish Print

Learn the traditional Japanese art of fish printing.

Create appealing and colorful images on paper through the traditional Japanese art of Gyotaku:  “gyo” fish + “taku” rubbing.   This form of nature printing dates from the mid 1800’s and may have been used by fishermen to record their catches.  Today it is an artform on its own.   We will create your piece with paper, ink, rollers and fish. No two gyotaku paintings are the same and none is perfect, yet each presents an honorable, dramatic, and artistic memory of the fish.  Simple enough for beginning fish printers….no experience required.  Please bring your lunch.

Maximum class size: 5

Chris Bonelli made a one-way migration from New York to Nantucket in 1996, after earning a BFA with a concentration in printmaking.  Living on this special island in the middle of the ocean has inspired Bonelli to marry his passions for conservation, falconry, and fly fishing with dramatic and innovative artwork.  Bonelli has been exploring the art form of Gyotaku for over a decade.  He offers a fresh and contemporary vision of Gyotaku with his progressive playful use of color, style and imagery.  “My goal is to enhance my images by putting emphasis on the negative space and abstract shapes that occur naturally.”

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