IOD Half-Hull Sailboat Model, Celebrate 80 Years of Racing! with Mark Sutherland

Carve a wooden scale model of this historic racing boat. Celebrate 80 years of racing !

In this class you will build the “IOD” Half-Hull Sailboat Model: popular, sailed and raced in Nantucket harbor now for many years. Participants in this class will be instructed in layout and planning the model, cutout and assembly, carving and shaping, and the final finishing.   As time allows, discussion will encompass the history and art of this beautiful model. All tools and materials will be provided. Experienced students should bring their favorite tools. Please bring your lunch.

Maximum class size: 8

Mark Sutherland has been a professional craftsman since 1979, specializing in models of the nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century ships and boats, scrimshaw artifacts, and decorative ship carving and figureheads.  He began building ship models at age eleven and began his professional career on Nantucket with commissions for models in bone and repair work.  He has developed a unique style of half-hull modeling, based on the nineteenth-century “shipping office” style.  In 1997 he was awarded the New England Foundation of the Arts Fellowship Grant Award.  His work can be found in several shops on Nantucket and his ship model the “Charles Morgan” hangs outside Zero Main Street, Nantucket.

The mission of the Nantucket Historical Association is to tell the inspiring stories of Nantucket through its collections, programs, and properties.

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