Karol Lindquist

Born on Nantucket Island, Karol Marie Lindquist originally trained as a loom weaver. While living in West Virginia during the early 1970s, she expanded this to include split oak and vine baskets. Her basketmaking neighbors and friends included Connie and Tom McColley, who later established the famous Basketry School in the Chloe, West Virginia hills. Karol’s grandparents were—in their time—curating guides at the Nantucket Whaling Museum (they are in the NHA museum picture from the June 1970 National Geographic); so upon her return to the island in 1974, she gravitated to the historic craft of the lightship basket.

Karol apprenticed with old time basketmaker Reggie Reed, the son of a lighthouse keeper at the Brant Point Lighthouse, and has instructed lightship baskets locally and around the United States for over thirty years.

Today, she remains on Nantucket Island, bound to history. Karol is married to a scrimshander/oil painter who collaborates with her on topped baskets. Her work appears at Nantucket Looms, an island store internationally known for its high quality American crafts, and her baskets are in the homes of many collectors around the world.

Karol is the recipient of many awards and grants as well as a featured basket maker in many publications.


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