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Letterpress printing began in the 15th century when Gutenburg created moveable type and beginning the printing and publishing process.  Prior to his invention all printing was done with wood carved blocks and text written by hand.  Letterpress became the universal form of printing for books, newpapers, and general information for several centuries.  In the 1960’s and 1970’s new technology was introduced and offset printing replaced moveable type.  In recent years, letterpress printing has been transformed into an artform using the techniques in new and creative ways.

The NHA letterpress shop is stocked with vintage type and blocks from several of Nantucket’s early printers, with image blocks that you won’t find anywhere else.

Current Workshop Offerings

Letterpress Cards and Coasters    July 2

Letterpress Cards and Coasters   August 6

The Nantucket Historical Association preserves and interprets the history of Nantucket through its programs, collections, and properties, in order to promote the island’s significance and foster an appreciation of it among all audiences.

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