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During these unprecedented times, the Nantucket Historical Association is sharing digital resources weekly to enrich the lives of our members and friends at home through video lectures, kids activity kits, our transcription program, history articles and more! All the information in our newsletters is being gleaned from the resources presented below. We hope you’ll dive in, enjoy, and give your mind a rest from thinking about today’s challenges.

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Many people may be wishing they could visit a favorite eatery right now. Here's one from 1987 that you may remember. It was Melo's Diner, operated by Kathleen Melo at 6 Oak Street. Formerly Patisserie Marty and then simply La Patisserie, it is now known as Queequeg's. And everyone on this island knows who he was!
This post card shows the wonderful women waitresses. All but two are identified in our catalog listing. If you know the woman second from the left, or on the far right, please let us know. For the other names please visit our website and search the collection- this photo number is P11861. Link in story! .
The vintage Ford was loaned by Michael Haigley for this classic shot.
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Some fun finds from our collection of matchbooks. Which one is your favorite? What are some of your memories of these island establishments?

Share your own matchbooks using the hashtag #ackhistory

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This quote is one of many gems from the Milo Calkin Travel Journal (check out our Instagram story to see the exact page). Thanks to all our transcribers, four log books (including Calkin's journal) have now been completely transcribed!
Stay tuned as we work to upload more projects to From the Page, and make completed transcriptions available through our catalog.

Have you come across any interesting quotes while transcribing? Let us know so we can share them!

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The sun is out this morning and the daffodils are blooming all over the island. Check out this giant daffodil in bloom at Moor’s End Farm in 1988. Anyone have this variety in their garden at home?

Photo: PH9-8-7-1
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An afternoon at home is timeless. Then and now, Nantucketers have filled their homes with life, prepared for when the bitter winds keep them indoors. Make a cup of tea, catch up on your correspondence, touch-up your paintings or crafts. A suggestion from us: journal your experiences, and share them with the NHA for future historians to study these strange island times.

This postcard from circa 1880s, depicts a woman sitting with a book by her fireplace. gpn1687.

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Clearly this is not social distancing! These four fishermen are sharing a laugh while taking a break from surf casting at Smith's Point, circa 1940s.

Most likely they are hoping to catch schoolies also known as young Striped Bass, or possibly tinker blues which are young Bluefish. Many fishermen enjoy the experience as much or even more than eating the catch of the day. One of these anglers is probably telling a fish story at this Kodak moment.

We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and we are looking forward to moments like this in the future!

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