ACKtivities for Kids

Download our Discovery Center “Stay at Home” ACKtivity Books

Have fun with Nantucket History while you’re shut in! And check back often as we’ll be adding more soon.

Island Explorers 1: Historic House Cut-outs

Create your own 3-D pop-ups of the historic properties here on Nantucket.

Island Explorers 2: Lighthouse Coloring Book

Beautify our three local lighthouses.

Island Explorers 3: Nantucket Word Search

Pass the time by finding the buried Nantucket words!

Island Explorers 4: Scrimshaw

Learn about the art of scrimshaw and create your own scrimshaw folk art for display!

Island Explorers 5: Nantucket Whale Ship Coloring Book

Sail the seven seas with this coloring book full of fun characters.

Island Explorers 6: Puppeteers

Learn about Tony Sarg and the Macy’s Day Parade and create your own finger puppets for a show at home!

Island Explorers 7: Multi-Lingual Craft Kit

Participate in these fun craft activities translated in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, and Thai using materials you can find at home!

Island Explorers 8: Family Trees

Create your own family tree and learn about some of the earliest European settlers on Nantucket.

Island Explorers 9: The Mighty Squid

Test your deep-sea knowledge by labeling the parts of a squid.


Island Explorers 10: 49ers Treasure Hunt Board Game

Print, cut-out and enjoy this 49ers inspired Nantucket board game.


Island Explorers 11: Make Your Own Signal Flag

Learn about the international language of boats with this create your own signal flag activity.

Island Explorers 12: Nantucket and the Boston Tea Party

Label the parts of a full-rigged ship and learn the Nantucket connection with the Boston Tea Party.

Island Explorers 13: Kitchen Cleanup

Organize and “history-ize” your kitchen with this two-part family activity.


Island Explorers 14: Journey to the Pacific

Navigate this maze and use the stars as your guides to trace the journey of Nantucket whalers to the Pacific. 


Island Explorers 15: Nantucket News

Create an article and illustration about your week for the 1st edition of the Nantucket Gazette.



Island Explorers 16: Sunny Days Coloring Book

Enjoy a southern breeze with these stress free coloring pages.


Island Explorers 17: Dreamhouses

In honor of our Philadelphia connection and the Monaghan sisters, let’s create our own dream house!

Island Explorers 18: Nantucket Migration Coloring Book

Nantucket has always been a place of comings and goings, not just for people, but for animals. Enjoy this coloring book featuring members of the animal kingdom who migrate to or from Nantucket.

Island Explorers 19: Maori Inspired Bookmarks

Celebrate the beautiful art of the south-pacific by coloring in these Maori inspired bookmark designs.


Check Out Nantucket History Lesson Plans

Although originally created for teachers, NHA Lesson Plans also include great ideas for parents to enjoy with their families.


The Art of Scrimshaw

Through this lesson, students will explore the art of scrimshaw. Students will learn about the materials from which scrimshaw is made, how it is made, and who made it, while examining various images of scrimshaw and describing them. Then, students will create their own piece of scrimshaw.

Comparing Sperm Whales and Right Whales

This lesson compares and contrasts the anatomy and biology of sperm whales and right whales. It reinforces characteristics of mammals, develops skills in comparison, and introduces characteristics of whales.


Nantucket Wampanoag

This lesson addresses the similarities and differences between Nantucket Wampanoag and Wampanoag people of mainland New England. It is an introduction to Nantucket Wampanoag through artifacts and images housed in the NHA’s collections.

It can also serve as an introduction to the concept of “culture” and “artifacts.”

Sailing Through Math

This lesson explores a whaling voyage through math. Students investigate what a whaling voyage was like, as well as learn about the large mammals that these ships pursued, through various math problems and questions.


If Artifacts Could Talk: Quakerism on Nantucket

Through this lesson, students will explore Quakerism and its influence on Nantucket through the examination of various primary sources. Acting as historians, students will learn about the beliefs that distinguished the Quakers and the people of that faith on Nantucket.

The Voyage of the Nauticon: A Mapping Activity

This lesson helps students visualize the geographic reach of Nantucket whalers and examines the outcomes of this global exchange of cultures and products. Students read excerpts of the journal entries of a whaling captain’s wife who went to sea with her husband and plot the points on a world map.


The End of an Era: Nantucket’s Whaling Decline

Through this lesson, students will explore the decline of Nantucket’s whaling industry, as well as this decline’s effect on the island itself. Students will investigate the major factors that caused the decline of whaling and their impact on the people of Nantucket through group research and presentations.

A Soldier’s Civil War

Through this lesson, students will investigate how primary sources are used to enhance our understanding of the past. Using the diary of a Civil War soldier, students will explore the life of a soldier and discuss how primary sources can be used to shape and influence perceptions of history.

The Nantucket Historical Association preserves and interprets the history of Nantucket through its programs, collections, and properties, in order to promote the island’s significance and foster an appreciation of it among all audiences.

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