The Oldest House Reimagined

New York School of Interior Design

New York School of Interior Design.Nantucket by Design is delighted to be working with the students from the New York School of Interior Design for the fifth year as they bring modern day life into NHA historical properties.   Directed by Ellen Fisher, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean, the students are guided to develop narratives about their design concepts and to rethink modern life in various historic properties. The students research the island’s history and culture, and create their vision for you to experience.

This year we are pleased to highlight the four winning design projects, as well as honorable mentions below.  Each student worked with a mentor who is a designer that has been part of Nantucket by Design over the years, or is a member of the NYSID community to guide their development and design.  Due to the generosity of the Williams Foundation, each student will receive a $500 award for completing their design.

2020 Winning Design Projects:

Project:  “1960s: The Cultural Vibrancy & Artistry of the Era” (The Oldest House) PDF
Design Mentor: Jamie Drake
Graduate Team Entry: Rachel Golland & Kelsey Egan (MFA)

Rachel is currently a graduate student at the New York School of Interior Design and a Principal Designer at LGC Interiors.  Prior to enrolling in the MFA-1 Program, she worked in the New York Design Center as a Showroom Manager.  Rachel embraces a timeless, elegant style by applying classical references to modern environments creating warmth and luxury.  After graduating, Rachel will continue working in both commercial and residential design.

Kelsey is a current student at New York School of Interior Design in the MFA-1 program. She has experience in interior, fashion, and set design. Prior to enrolling at NYSID, Kelsey worked at Denton House Design Studio as a Design Assistant. She loves livable spaces that are inviting, freshly curated and filled with personality. After graduating from NYSID, she hopes to design for both hospitality and residential spaces.

Project:  “The Nantucket Alchemist” (The Oldest House) PDF
Design Mentor: Young Huh
Graduate Team Entry: Daniela Rutigliano & Hanna Propst (MFA-1 – 3rd Yr.)

Daniela began her journey studying art history, a solid foundation for any designer. She then pivoted to study interior decorating and spent years working in the industry to hone her skills. Eager to engage further in her craft, her pursuit continues now, as she is entering her third and final year of the MFA Interior Design program at the New York School of Interior Design.



Hanna is a 3rd year MFA candidate at NYSID. Propst holds a Certificate in Classical Architecture from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art and previously studied Fine Arts at the College of Arts + Architecture at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. She resides full-time in Brooklyn, New York.


Project:  “Nantucket & the Machine” (The Oldest House) PDF
Design Mentor: David Kleinberg
Undergraduate Team Entry:  Jessica Tucker and Shane Curnutt  (BFA)

Jessica is a BFA student who believes that hard work and dedication are driving forces in which to succeed.  At NYSID, she’s organized and participated in numerous school and student events.  Jessica is currently studying for the LEED Green Associate Exam, while designing a sustainable development for her culmination thesis project.


Shane is a career changer after spending years as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. After gaining perspectives into the different ways of living around the world, he seeks to combine thoughtful design and future technologies toward a more sustainable future for the planet.

Project:  “Legend of the Sea Serpent” (The Oldest House) PDF
Design Mentor: Alexa Hampton
Undergraduate Individual Entry: Nicole Halulakos (BFA)

Nicole is from Reading, Pennsylvania and is a rising junior at the New York School of Interior Design. She recently graduated from NYSID’s Associate in Applied Science online program in June 2020 and will be continuing at NYSID this fall in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


2020 Honorable Mention:

Design Team:  April Podlaski & Benny Seda-Galarza (MFA-1 – 2nd Year)
Project:  “Anna’s Oasis”  (1800 House) PDF
Design Mentor: Beth Diana Smith

Designer: Kira Cedeno  (MFA-2 – 2nd Yr.)
Project: “Lighthouse” (1800 House) PDF

Designer: Leia Young (AAS)
Project: “Simplicity of Form” (1800 House) PDF
Design Mentor: Philip Gorrivan

Design Team: Molly Cummins & Niranjana Menon (MPS-S)
Project: “Retreat & Fellowship” (1800 House) PDF
Design Mentor: Leyden Lewis

Designer: Paulina Castillon-Gomez (BFA – Sophomore)
Project: “Hatter & Merchant” (1800 House) PDF
Design Mentor: Elaine Griffin

Designer: Praveena Aleti  (MFA-1 – 2nd Yr.)
Project: “Respite & Rejuvenation” (Oldest House) PDF
Design Mentor: Stephanie Sarkies

Design Team: Ryan Biggs & Jessie Lemaire (BFA – Junior/Senior)
Project: “Meditative Marina” (The Oldest House) PDF
Design Mentor: Kati Curtis

Design Team: Dahee Goak & Yunji Seo (BFA – Seniors)
Project: “Sunset”  (The Oldest House) PDF

View Photos from Past NYSID Projects Reimagining The Oldest House:

2019 Student Designers:

  • Bailey McGrath & Monica Seroiczkowski
  • Valerie Goldin & Christine Simeon

2018 Student Designers:

  • Seryung Hong & Juhee Son
  • Audrey Keller &Trisha Kennedy






The Nantucket Historical Association preserves and interprets the history of Nantucket through its programs, collections, and properties, in order to promote the island’s significance and foster an appreciation of it among all audiences.

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