NHA News Release: March 9, 2016

Historic Ceramic Transferware Open Studio at the NHA 1800 House

NANTUCKET, MA – The Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) is pleased to announce new Historic Ceramic Transferware Open Studio hours at the 1800 House, 4 Mill Street. Now through May 20, 2016, students can learn about historic transferware and create their own pieces in a relaxing and informal atmosphere on Wednesdays from 4 to 8 P.M. and Fridays from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Transferware is a style of ceramics which uses transfer printing, a decorative technique developed in England in the mid-18th century. Traditionally created using copper plate engravings and tissue paper, the craft has been modernized to incorporate newer technologies. Today, transferware involves applying custom-printed waterslide decals to pre-glazed ceramics. Ceramics are then fired at a high temperature in a kiln to make the designs permanent.

In this NHA 1800 House drop-in series, students will be able to select from a range of existing ceramics, including mugs, plates, trays, pitchers and more, as well as a variety of Nantucket-themed decals. With instruction from NHA staff, students will design their own ceramic pieces.

Prices for ceramics range from $5 to $40, and decals range from $.50 to $20, depending on size, with a one-time firing fee of $5 per student. Students are welcome to bring their own pre-glazed ceramics.

“Since starting my position at the NHA 1800 House, one of my biggest goals has been to give the program more of a community presence year-round,” says Brittany Thurman, NHA 1800 House Program Manager. “The winter and spring months can get a bit slow on the island, so I love that we can offer something for island residents and visitors to do during their down time.”

For the full 2016 course descriptions, please visit www.NHA.org/1800house. To register for classes, call the NHA 1800 House at (508) 228-1894.

Inspired by Nantucket history, the NHA 1800 House program is dedicated to celebrating and reviving Nantucket’s rich tradition of historic decorative arts and crafts. Classes take place in the restored early nineteenth-century historic property at 4 Mill Street and are taught by artisans from Nantucket and around the world.

The 1800 House at 4 Mill Street was built in 1805 and donated to the NHA by Frederick Melhado in 1951. First occupied by the island’s high sheriff, who managed the Old Gaol, the 1800 House reveals the aesthetic simplicity and fine craftsmanship that characterized the Quaker-influenced houses of nineteenth-century Nantucket architecture.

For more information on programs and events at the NHA, visit www.NHA.org or call (508) 228-1894.

Event Information:
Historic Ceramic Transferware Open Studio
Now through May 20, 2016
Wednesdays 4 - 8 P.M.
Fridays 10 A.M. – 2 P.M.
NHA 1800 House, 4 Mill Street
Free to drop-in, material costs vary