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A night of Holiday Magic FlyerExtraordinary Women of Nantucket
Sunday, January 14
2 P.M.
Free & Open to All
Whaling Museum
13 Broad Street

Nantucket is a unique community.  From its earliest days, dating back to the mid-1600s, its people have made their own way in the world.  This is particularly true of the extraordinary women who made their homes here.  From the outset, men and women worked equally hard to make the fledgling colony survive.  When whaling became the dominant industry, whaling husbands would leave the island for years at a time, often, 3-5 years.  At any given time, the women outnumbered the men four to one.  Women had to fill the breach and did so in remarkable ways, raising their large families, managing households and running businesses in town.  Let’s look at some of these remarkable women who were so ahead of their time.

Food for Thought Lecture Series
Coming Soon in 2018
Noon – 1 P.M
FREE and open to all
Whaling Museum
13 Broad Street

Food for Thought features authors, photographers, businesses, organizations, and public-interest groups who provide engaging lectures on topics related to Nantucket.

Upcoming speakers will be announced soon. In the meantime, catch up on previous Food for Thought on the NHA YouTube channel.

NHA Gosnell Executive Director James RussellThursday, October 19:
“Meet the New NHA Gosnell Executive Director”
with James Russell

Join the NHA and newly-appointed Gosnell Executive Director James Russell (former Executive Director of the New Bedford Whaling Museum) as he introduces himself to the Nantucket community and touches on his experiences working in the maritime history field.

Mary Longacre with a 1957 Fire EngineThursday, October 26:
“The Bumpy Road: Restoring Nantucketís 1957 Fire Engine”
with Mary Longacre

Join the NHA and Mary Longacre as she discusses the challenges of buying a 1957 American LaFrance fire engine nicknamed “Spunky” that served Nantucket for over twenty-five years, and how she has worked to get the antique fire engine restored and running today.

Dr. Sarah BoisThursday, November 2:
“It's All in the Timing: Dominant, Temperate Shrubs as Indicators of Climate Change on Nantucket”
with Dr. Sarah Bois

The Linda Loring Nature Foundation's Director of Research and Education Sarah Bois is building a research program investigating the effects of climate change on our native plant communities. As climate change has been shown to shift spring leaf out and flowering times, there are significant implications for the globally rare sandplain grassland and heathland habitats found on Nantucket. 

In this project, field observations of eight dominant shrub species were paired with twig warming experiments to investigate the potential for species to take advantage of an earlier spring. In investigating common, native shrubs, we seek to understand how a community, driven by its dominant species, may change with warming spring temperatures.

Dr. Charles “Stormy” MayoThursday, November 9:
“Right Whales at the Brink: Stewardship at the Edge of Extinction” with Dr. Charles “Stormy” Mayo

Join the NHA and the Center for Coastal Studies for a lecture with Dr. Charles "Stormy" Mayo, Senior Scientist and Director of the Right Whale Ecology Program at the Center for Coastal Studies. Dr. Mayo will discuss the status of the species and its recent decline, the impending seasonal arrival of right whales, and the critical role that the waters off of Cape Cod and the island play in the species' now-uncertain future. He will use slides and videos taken during research conducted by aerial and vessel teams. 

Jennifer Nieling working with a dressThursday, November 16:
“From Corsets to Quilts: Discovering the Costumes and Textiles of the NHA” with
Jennifer Nieling

Join the NHA's Project Costume and Textile Specialist Jennifer Nieling as she discusses her work inventorying and rehousing the NHA's costume and textiles collection. Nieling will shed light on the hidden treasures of this collection and what it takes to properly care for these special objects. Nieling's work over the course of 2017 has been made possible by a Museums for America, Collections Stewardship grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, to inventory, catalog, and rehouse the NHA's costume and textiles collection.

Catch up on previous Food for Thought talks on the NHA YouTube channel.

The 2017 Food for Thought series was made possible in part by the M.S. Worthington Foundation.

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