A Tradition of Science and ExplorationSpring 2018

Volume 68, No. 1


  • Snapshots of Nantucket Women in the Pacific Northwest
    by Cheyenne Dunham (p.11)
  • Charlotte Coffin Gardner
    by Cheyenne Dunham (p.12)
  • Augusta Bunker:  Independence and Education on the Washington Frontier
    by Cheyenne Dunham (p.15)
  • Nantucket Whalers and the Franklin-Folger Chart of the Gulf Stream
    by Philip L. Richardson and Nathan T. Adams (p.17)
  • The Search for the “Lost” Franklin-Folger Chart
    by Philip L. Richardson (p. 24)
  • Recent Acquisitions
    by Michael R. Harrison (p.28)

The mission of the Nantucket Historical Association is to tell the inspiring stories of Nantucket through its collections, programs, and properties.

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