The Melville IssueSpring 2012

Volume 62, No. 2


  • The Unemployable Herman Melville: Nothing else to do” but Sign on a Whaleship
    by Hershel Parker (p.4)
  • “Very Like a Whale”: Editions of Moby-Dick
    by Mary K. Bercaw Edwards (p.11)
  • Free Speech and Bike Paths: Nantucket’s Morris Ernst
    by Kenneth Roman (p. 20)
  • Literature and Life
    y Nathaniel Philbrick(p. 3)
  • “Mystery Man” Identity Revealed
    by Robert Hellman(p. 21)
    NHA News Notes(p. 22)

The mission of the Nantucket Historical Association is to tell the inspiring stories of Nantucket through its collections, programs, and properties.

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