The World of the EssexFall 2014

Volume 64, No. 2


  • All research is a kind of time travel
    by Nathaniel Philbrick (p.3)
  • Nantucket 1819 (p.4)
    by Betsy Tyler
  • Pacific Parallels: Marquesas Islanders and the Essex Crew
    by Emily Donaldson (p.6)
  • Of Melville, Tortoises, and the Galápagos
    by Mary K. Bercaw Edwards (p.12)
  • “I know him not, and never will.”
    by Philip Hoare (p.16)
  • A Sounding Lead on a Distant Reef:
    Captain Pollard’s Lessons Learned
    by Kelly Gleason (p.20)
  • NHA Research Fellows New Nantucket Books (p.26)
    News 28 Notes & Highlights (p.28)

The mission of the Nantucket Historical Association is to tell the inspiring stories of Nantucket through its collections, programs, and properties.

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