The research documents listed below were compiled by Dr. Elizabeth A. Little, an accomplished physicist, archaeologist, and anthropologist who devoted over 30 years to the advancement and dissemination of scholarly research on Nantucket’s Native American and Colonial population. She collected and analyzed Nantucket Indian data and self-published over 30 manuscripts on behalf of the NHA.

Learn more about Dr, Little:  “Nantucket and Other Native Places, The Legacy of Elizabeth Alden Little”, 2010, Elizabeth S. Chilton and Mary Lynne Rainey, eds.

Nantucket Studies, 1976-1994, by Elizabeth A. Little

Nantucket Algonquian Studies, No. 1-16, 1979-1994
Nantucket Archaeological Studies, No. 1-15, 1979-1992
A Portfolio Of Nantucket Papers, Volume 1, 1976-1984
A Portfolio of Nantucket Studies, 1976-1986


  1. Nantucket Indians who died of the Sickness, 1763-1764  1979
  2. Probate Records of Nantucket Indians 1980
  3. The Writings of Nantucket Indians 1981
  4. Historic Indian Houses of Nantucket 1981
  5. Index to Mary Starbuck’s Account Book with the Indians 1981
  6. Essay on Nantucket Timber 1981
  7. Indian Documents 1981
    1. Zaccheus Macy’s Account of the Indians of Nantucket: Three Versions
    2. Jonathan Micah’s Inventory 1764
    3. A Nantucket Indian Writing
    4. Nantucket Indian Deeds: 1659-1684
  8. The Indian Contribution to Along-Shore Whaling at Nantucket 1981
  9. Indian Horse Commons at Nantucket Island, 1660-1760 1990
  10. Whaling of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Greenland in the Early Eighteenth Century 1987
  11. The Indian Sickness at Nantucket 1763-1764 1988
  12. History of the Town of Miacomet 1988
  13. Indian Whalemen of Nantucket: The Documentary Evidence 1992
  14. Whales, Grass, and Shellfish: Land Use Issues at Nantucket in the Seventeenth Century 1992
  15. The Cape Cod-Nantucket-Martha’s Vineyard Connection: A Traditional Lineage from Sachems of the Cape and Islands 1994
  16. Abram Quary of Abram’s Point, Nantucket Island 1994


  1. Inventory of Indian Sites on Nantucket 1979
  2. Locus of Q-6, Site M52/65, Quidnet, Nantucket, Mass. 1983
  3. Initial Predictive Map for Prehistoric Sites on Nantucket 1983
  4. Prehistoric Shellfishing at Nantucket 1985
  5. Prehistoric Shellfish Harvesting at Nantucket Island 1985
  6. Prehistoric Diet at Nantucket Island, Massachusetts 1985
  7. Background Essays for an Archaeological Study of the Jethro Coffin Houselot            1986
  8. Bibliography for Historic and Prehistoric Nantucket Indian Studies 1987
  9. Late Woodland Nantucket Diet 1991
  10. Nantucket Test Pit No. 1990-1 at the Univ. of Massachusetts Field Station, Nantucket, MA 1990
  11. From the Sand Eel to the Great Auk: Potential Prehistoric Coastal Diets for Isotope Analysis 1991
  12. Radiocarbon Age Calibration at Archaeological Sites of Nantucket and other Northeastern Coasts 1992
  13. Radiocarbon Ages on Nantucket Island: What Can They Tell Us? 1992
  14. NAGPRA (Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990) Studies for the Nantucket Hist. Assoc. 1993-1996
    1. Background of NAGPRA
    2. Summaries to Native Americans with possible Nantucket connections
    3. Inventories of Skeletal Materials to be sent to Native Americans with potential Nantucket Connections.   Part I,
    4. Miscellaneous 1996
  15. Historic and Archaeological Studies of Nantucket’s West End 1994

A Portfolio of Nantucket Papers

Volume 1, 1976-1984
Archaeological Papers

  1. Inventory of Indian Sites on Nantucket 1979
  2. A Brief Historical Sketch of Archaeology on Nantucket 1980
  3. The Robert Minshall Collection: Nantucket Archaeology 1981
  4. Locus of Q-6, Site M52/65, Quidnet, Nantucket, MA., Nantucket Arch. Studies #2. 1983
  5. Locus of Q-6, Site M52/65, Quidnet, Nantucket, MA., Mass. Archaeological Soc. Bulletin 1983
  6. Initial Predictive Map for Prehistoric Sites on Nantucket 1983
  7. Prevailing Winds and Site Aspects: Testable Hypotheses about the Seasonality of Prehistoric Shell Middens at Nantucket, MA 1986Ethnohistorical and Linguistic Papers
  8. Sachem Nickanoose of Nantucket and the Grass Contest 1976
  9. Three Kinds of Indian Land Deeds at Nantucket, Massachusetts 1980
  10. The Mattequecham Wigwam Murder 1981
  11. Indian Politics on Nantucket 1982
  12. Drift Whales at Nantucket: The Kindness of Moshup 1982
  13. Indian Place Names at Nantucket 1984

A Portfolio of Nantucket Studies 1976-1986

  1. Observations on Methods of Collection, Use, and Seasonality of Shellfish on the Coasts of MA 1986
  2. Archaeology in MA 1980-1985 1986
  3. Jethro Coffin in Mendon, MA 1708-1726 1986
  4. Inland Waterways in the Northeast 1987
  5. Nantucket Whaling in the Early 18th Century 1988
  6. Where are the Woodland Villages on Cape Cod and the Islands? 1988
  7. Nantucket – An Archaeological Record from the Far Island 1988
  8. Book Review Native Writings in MA 1988
  9. Shawkemo Chapter 1989
  10. Nantucket Indian Sickness 1990

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