This Week in Nantucket History

On This Day in Natnucket History CoverNantucketer Amy Jenness shares her research on what happened On This Day In Nantucket History one day at a time for the past seven days. These excerpts offer up quirky and fascinating stories of the people and events that shaped this remote island. Check the NHA home page each day to catch up on what happened today in Nantucket history.

Excerpts from On This Day In Nantucket History
By Amy Jenness
The History Press

  • July 28, 1720
    The Honorable James Coffin, child of Nantucket proprietors Tristram and Dionis, died.
  • July 23, 1919
    Mrs. Edith Ackley addressed the annual meeting of the Nantucket Historical Association.
  • July 22, 1856
    master mason Christopher Capen's seventh child was born.
  • July 21, 1918
    Nellie Sylvaro received two letters from her son who died fighting World War I.

The Nantucket Historical Association preserves and interprets the history of Nantucket through its programs, collections, and properties, in order to promote the island’s significance and foster an appreciation of it among all audiences.

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