What is a swift?

Swifts are used to wind skeins of yarn into balls. Historic examples are often elaborately constructed, sometimes consisting of more...More Read more from What is a swift?

Pie Crimper

Pie crimper, nineteenth century Unknown maker Ivory, ebony, tortoiseshell, brass Gift of Robert M. Waggaman 1991.101.202 Pie crimpers are devices...More Read more from Pie Crimper


Harpoons were not intended to kill a whale, but to attach a line by implanting the harpoon’s barbed head into...More Read more from Harpoons

The Walter Folger Clock

The Honorable Walter Folger Jr. (1765-1849) was a self-taught mathematician, scientist, and astronomer, as well as a lawyer, inventor and...More Read more from The Walter Folger Clock

Processing History

One of my favorite things to do is receive and arrange new donations, especially collections of photographs. I’ll be sitting...More Read more from Processing History

Ship’s Logs and Journals at the NHA Research Library

“Tuesday June the 16th [Day] 482. Commences with moderate trades, course S at 4 PM Long. by Chro. 137.37.15, Course...More Read more from Ship’s Logs and Journals at the NHA Research Library

Cartes-de-Visite – the first pocket photographs

One of the most immediate ways to experience history is to give it a face. Hairstyles, lace collars, jewelry, literally...More Read more from Cartes-de-Visite – the first pocket photographs

Daguerreotypes : First Photographs

In the vault of the NHA Research Library, there are several boxes filled with small wood or leather cases, each...More Read more from Daguerreotypes : First Photographs

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