February 28, 1906

John Egle, a Nantucket resident who fled to the U.S. from Latvia in 1906, died at the age of 101 in 1988. More Read more from February 28, 1906

February 27, 1904

The arrival of the steamer Nantucket in 1904 was front page news after being delayed by heavy ice for 14 days.More Read more from February 27, 1904

February 26, 1829

In the final chapter of a deadly voyage, the brig Ann Eliza of Maine shipwrecked on Nantucket’s western end in 1829.More Read more from February 26, 1829

February 25, 1799

Benjamin Lawrence was born in 1799 and shipped out as boatsteerer in the ill-fated whaleship Essex in 1819. More Read more from February 25, 1799

February 24, 1854

An item in The Inquirer in 1854 reports on a new New Bedford, Martha’s Vineyard Nantucket Steamship Company which planned to offer commercial service to Nantucket.More Read more from February 24, 1854

February 23, 1783

In 1783 a Nantucket whaleship was the first vessel to fly an American flag in British waters.More Read more from February 23, 1783

February 22, 1903

Captain Thomas F. Sandsbury, keeper to two Nantucket Life Saving Stations, died on this day in 1903.More Read more from February 22, 1903

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