Cover of Historic Nantucket magizine with a collage of historic portraits.

Annual Report 2017Summer 2018

Featuring articles on 2017 Achievements, Giving, and FinancesMore Read more from Annual Report 2017

Historic Nantucket Spring 2018

A Tradition of Science and ExplorationSpring 2018

Featuring articles on Nantucket Women in the Pacific Northwest and the Franklin-Folger Chart of the Gulf Stream.More Read more from A Tradition of Science and Exploration

Historic Nantucket Fall 2017

From the Ashes: Thomas Macy WarehouseFall 2017

Featuring articles on the Thomas Macy Warehouse, carpenter-builders Holmes & Pease, celebrating Maria Mitchell, and the Nantucket Agricultural Society "Album Quilt"More Read more from From the Ashes: Thomas Macy Warehouse

Historic Nantucket Summer 2017

Nantucketers at WorkSummer 2017

Featuring articles on island history, whaling, and Nantucket basket makers & scrimshanders.More Read more from Nantucketers at Work

Annual Report 2016

NHA Annual Report 2016Summer 2017

Featuring articles on 2016 Achievements, Giving, and FinancesMore Read more from NHA Annual Report 2016

Historic Nantucket Fall/Winter 2016

Ideas, Intrigue & IntoleranceFall/Winter 2016

Featuring articles on the (mis)adventers of William Rotch, marital regulation in the eighteenth-century Friends Meeting, William Wilkes Morris, the Seth Pinkham papers.More Read more from Ideas, Intrigue & Intolerance

Cover of the 2015 Annual reoprt with image of the old mill.

Annual Report 2015Summer 2016

Featuring articles on 2015 Achievements, Giving, and FinancesMore Read more from Annual Report 2015

Historic Nantucket Spring/Summer 2016

Nantucket’s Design HeritageSpring/Summer 2016

Featuring articles on the advent of cottage-style living, the Alerion class sloop, saving Nantucket’s historic interiors, the early origins of Nantucket baskets.More Read more from Nantucket’s Design Heritage

Historic Nantucket Fall 2015

Imagining NantucketFall 2015

Featuring articles on the power of Exact Imagining, historical fiction on Nantucket, how an Island novelist captured Nantucket’s past, Wonoma’s Nantucket.More Read more from Imagining Nantucket

Historic Nantucket Summer 2015

Big Ideas on a Little IslandSpring/Summer 2015

Featuring articles on the Nantucket Camels, Cyrus Peirce, Lillian Moller Gilbreth, Nantucket Islands Land Bank.More Read more from Big Ideas on a Little Island

Historic Nantucket Fall 2014

The World of the EssexFall 2014

Featuring articles on Nantucket 1819, Marquesas Islanders, of Melville, tortoises, and the Galápagos, Captain Pollard’s Lessons Learned.More Read more from The World of the Essex

Nantucket Historical Association

2013 Annual Report2014 Summer

Featuring articles on 2015 Achievements, Giving, and FinancesMore Read more from 2013 Annual Report

Historic Nantucket Spring/Summer 2014

NHA Historic PropertiesSpring/Summer 2014

Featuring articles on the Oldest House, Old Mill, Macy Christian House, 1800 House, Old Gaol, Thomas Macy House, Quaker Meeting House and Fair Street Museum, Hadwen House, Fire Hose Cart House, Greater Light, Research Library, Bartholomew Gosnold Center.More Read more from NHA Historic Properties

Historic Nantucket Fall 2013

DesertersFall 2013

Featuring articles on a Nantucket reunion in the South Pacific, Captain Charles Veeder disappears, a deserter in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, Alexander Hussey, Sampson Dyer portrait of a Nantucket mariner.More Read more from Deserters

Historic Nantucket Spring 2013

Representative LivesSpring 2013

Featuring articles on Samuel Haynes Jenks, Jedidah Lawrence, Robert F.Mooney, Eileen P.McGrath.More Read more from Representative Lives

Historic Nantucket Spring 2012

The Melville IssueSpring 2012

Featuring articles on editions of Moby-Dick, Nantucket's Morris Ernst, literature and life, "Mystery Man" identity revealed.More Read more from The Melville Issue

Historic Nantucket Fall 2011

The Whaling IssueFall 2011

Featuring articles on Herman Melville's Moby-Dick and the NHA's whaling logs, naming the Pacific islands, Nantucket whalecraft makers.More Read more from The Whaling Issue

Historic Nantucket Spring 2011

The Henry Coffin HouseSpring 2011

Featuring articles on Henry Coffin, the home of Henry Coffin, Henry Coffin Carlisle's attic museum, the garden at 75 Main.More Read more from The Henry Coffin House

Historic Nantucket Fall 2010

America, Whaling & The WorldFall 2010

Featuring articles on two illustrated Nantucket whaling journals, pets on whaleships, Thomas Nickerson's account of the wreck of the Two Brothers, Papahanaumokuakea Marine Nantucket Monument, the earliest picture of the Essex disaster.More Read more from America, Whaling & The World

Historic Nantucket Spring 2010

In Memoriam: Walter Beinecke Jr. (1918-2004)Spring 2010

Featuring articles on his personal philosophy, Walter Beinecke Jr. and the Nantucket Historical TrustMore Read more from In Memoriam: Walter Beinecke Jr. (1918-2004)

The mission of the Nantucket Historical Association is to tell the inspiring stories of Nantucket through its collections, programs, and properties.

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