Guide to the Cased Photographs Collection, circa 1845-1875

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held in the Research Library at the Nantucket Historical Association. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the internet.


This is an artificial collection of cased photographs assembled by the Nantucket Historical Association containing 280 images of individuals, couples, and groups seated or standing for portraits, circa 1845-1875.

Collection Details

Collection Number:
Cased Photographs Collection
circa 1845-1875
Nantucket Historical Association
Nantucket Historical Association
Material is in English.

Information for Users

Restrictions to Access: The items in this collection are extremely fragile due to their age, the materials used to make them, and the fact that they are all unique originals. Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes have no equivalent of a negative and cannot be physically reproduced. Researchers may be presented with a digital copy instead of original materials if the Library Director has determined the original should not be handled.

Restrictions to Use: No image in this collection may be reproduced without the permission and consent of the Nantucket Historical Association.

Copyright Notice: These items are not covered by copyright and are in the public domain.

Preferred Citation: [Identification of item], Cased Photograph Collection (PH169), year image was made [when known], Nantucket Historical Association.

Sensitive Materials Statement:

Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations. Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual’s private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the Nantucket Historical Association assumes no responsibility.

Subject Headings

  • Geographic Name
    • Nantucket (Mass.)—Photographs.
  • Topical Term
    • Families—Massachusetts—Photographs.
    • Portrait photography—Massachusetts—Nineteenth century.
    • Women—Massachusetts—Nantucket—Nineteenth century—Photographs.
    • Children—Massachusetts—Photographs.
    • Ship captains—Massachusetts—Nantucket—Photographs.

Biographical Information

This is an artificial collection of cased photographs assembled by the Nantucket Historical Association. In some instances, the NHA gathers materials off a single form to preserve them and make them available. In these cases, the NHA is seen as the creator of the artificially constructed collection.

Materials in the collection originate both from donors and from the Nantucket Historical Association’s archives.

Scope and Content

This collection contains 280 images of individuals, couples, and groups seated or standing for portraits, circa 1845-1875. Individuals appearing in the images have been identified whenever possible. Known individuals are listed as subject access points. The materials came from various donors. Formats include daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes.


C1 Lydia W. Swift Folger (1821-1890) (portrait), circa 1855

C2 Joseph Chase, Jun., (1845–1872), Howard Chase (1842–?), and James Beaucott Chase (1847–?) (portrait), circa 1858

C3 James Beaucott Chase (1847–?) and Howard Chase (1842–?) (portrait), circa 1860

C4 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1850

C5 Seth Mitchell Ackley (1845–1908) (portrait), circa 1850

C6 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C7 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C8 Charles Barnard (portrait), circa 1850

C9 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1850

C10 Thomas G. Barnard (1808–1882) (portrait), circa 1850

C11Susan P. Coffin Barrett (1829–1899) (portrait), circa 1860

C12 Elizabeth F. Bearse Folger (1854–1883) (portrait), circa 1870

C13 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1850

C14 Unidentified child (portrait), circa 1860

C15 Lauriston Bunker (1849–1934) (portrait), circa 1860

C16 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C17 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1860

C18 Andrew Brock (–1846) (portrait), before 1846

C19 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C20 Benjamin Butler (portrait), circa 1860

C21 Harriet G. Pinkham Calder (1826–1900) (portrait), circa 1845

C22 Joseph W. Clapp (1825–1909) (portrait), circa 1845

C23 William Calder (1790–1881) and Sally Coffin Wyer Calder (1791–1867) (portraits), circa 1850

C24 Sally Coffin Wyer Calder (1791–1867) (portrait), circa 1850

C25 “Uncle Osmond” (portrait), 1864

C26 Henry Plaskett Clapp (1837–1907) (portrait), circa 1860

C27 “Grandmother Clark” (portrait), circa 1860

C28 Walter Nelson Clapp (1839–1867) (portrait), circa 1860

C29 Richard S. Bates (1819–?) (portrait), circa 1845

C30 Alexander Mott Coffin (portrait), circa 1860

C31 Charles Myrick Coffin (portrait), circa 1855

C32 Captain John Coffin (portrait), circa 1855

C33 Delia Maria Hussey Coffin (1832–1912) (portrait), circa 1855

C34 Delia Maria Hussey Coffin (1832–1912) (portrait), circa 1855

C35 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1860

C36 Martha (Mattie) Dunham Summerhayes (portrait), circa 1860

C37 Emmeline Coffin Gardner and unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C38 Gilbert Coffin (portrait), circa 1855

C39 Mrs. Lydia R. Coffin (portrait), circa 1855

C40 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C41 Marietta Coffin (1860–1887) (portrait), circa 1860

C42 Captain Thomas Coffin (portrait), circa 1855

C43 Martha Coffin (portrait), circa 1860

C44 Dr. Coleman (portrait), circa 1860

C45 Phebe Coffin (portrait), circa 1860

C46 Paul Coffin (portrait), circa 1860

C47 Phebe Coffin (portrait), circa 1855

C48 R.B. Coffin (portrait), circa 1855

C49 Clarence U. Coffin (1850–1901) and Thomas A. Coffin Jr. (1845–1876) (portrait), circa 1855

C50 Charles Hadwen Crowley (portrait), circa 1855

C51 Charles Hadwen Crowley (portrait), circa 1855

C52 Sarah M. (Arnold) Crowley (portrait), circa 1855

C53 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1855

C54 Unidentified Dennis man (portrait), circa 1860

C55 Judith Jones Derrick (portrait), circa 1855

C56 Judith Jones Derrick (portrait, circa 1855

C57 Judith Jones Derrick (portrait), circa 1855

C58 Warden B.Dennis (portrait), circa 1860

C59 Lydia Bunker Dennis (portrait), circa 1860

C60 Judith Barnard Coffin (portrait), circa 1855

C61 Charles Frederick Coffin (1809–1855) (portrait), circa 1855

C62 Miss Boyd (portrait), circa 1860

C63 Miss Boyd (portrait), circa 1860

C64 Margaret Heydon Folger (portrait), circa 1870

C65 Mary B. Folger (portrait), circa 1860

C66 William B. Gardner (portrait), circa 1855

C67 Captain Henry B. Folger (portrait), circa 1860

C68 Nellie Forman (portrait), circa 1855

C69 Annie W. Merrill Folger (portrait), circa 1860

C70 Walter Folger (portrait), circa 1855

C71 Sarah M. Arnold Crowley (1831–1898) (portrait), circa 1860

C72 Emily Gardner and Rebecca C. Hussey (portrait), circa 1860

C73 Frederick Gardner (portrait), circa 1855

C74 Elizabeth Crosby Gardner (portrait), circa 1855

C75 Edwin Gifford (portrait), circa 1860

C76 Nathaniel Barney Gardner (portrait), circa 1860

C77 Mrs. Josiah Gorham (portrait), circa 1860

C78 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C79 Phebe Folger Coleman (portrait), circa 1855

C80 Harriet Wood Hartshon (portrait), circa 1860

C81 Anna Wood Hill (portrait), circa 1860

C82 John Walker Hill (portrait), circa 1860

C83 Harriet Hartshorn (1832–1913), Charlotte Wood Hartshorn (1804–1859), and Mahitabel Fanning Wood (1782–1853) (portrait), circa 1845

C84 William R. Gardner (1822–1865) (portrait), circa 1860

C85 Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Gardner (portrait), circa 1850

C86 Captain Elisha H. Fisher (1807–1883) (portrait), circa 1850

C87 Louisa Drew Fisher (1810–1891) (portrait), circa 1850

C88 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gardner (portrait), circa 1860

C89 Sarah H. Folger Jones (1820–1850) (portrait), circa 1845

C90 Francis B. Folger (1813–1862) (portrait), circa 1860

C91 Hutchinson Family Singers (portrait), circa 1845

C92 William (1791–1862) and Eunice Hadwen (1799–1864) (portrait), circa 1850

C93 Captain David Thain (1801–1883) and Mary Thain (1803–1847) (portrait), circa 1845

C94 Mary Walker Wood Hill (portrait), circa 1850

C95 Lydia Austin Hosier (1788–1866) (portrait), circa 1860

C96 John Hadwen Hosier (1810–1889) (portrait), circa 1860

C97 George Hosier (portrait), circa 1860

C98 William Hosier (1817–1899) (portrait), circa 1855

C99 Mercelia Hill (portrait), circa 1855

C100 Mary Paddack Hosier (portrait), circa 1860

C101 Richard Hosier (portrait), circa 1860

C102 Captain John Hussey (portrait), circa 1860

C103 William Hussey Wood (portrait), circa 1855

C104 Captain Lewis B. Imbert (portrait), circa 1855

C105 Susan B. Kelley Imbert (portrait), circa 1855

C106 Charles Lawrence (portrait), circa 1860

C107 Miss Lawrence (portrait), circa 1860

C108 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1855

C109 Seymour L. Meade (portrait), circa 1860

C110 Mary Myrick Macy (portrait), circa 1855

C111 Albert Irving Wood Macy (portrait), circa 1855

C112 Annie W. Merrill (portrait), circa 1855

C113 Unidentified Mitchell (portrait), circa 1860

C114 Mitchell family (portrait), circa 1855

C115 Unidentified Mitchell (portrait), circa 1855

C116 Unidentified Mitchell (portrait), circa 1860

C117 Unidentified Mitchell (portrait), circa 1860

C118 David Mitchell (portrait), circa 1855

C119 David and Elisa Mitchell (portrait), circa 1855

C120 Frederick Mitchell (1794–1867) (portrait), circa 1870

C121 Edward Hussey Mitchell (portrait), circa 1860

C122 James Mitchell (portrait), circa 1855

C123 Seth Mitchell (1838–1865) (portrait), circa 1860

C124 Unidentified Mitchell (portrait), circa 1855

C125 Seth Mitchell (portrait), circa 1860

C126 Unidentified child (portrait), circa 1860

C127 Captain Cromwell Morselander (portrait), circa 1860

C128 John Morrisey (portrait), circa 1860

C129 Howard Macy (portrait), circa 1855

C130 Charles Myrick (portrait), circa 1855

C131 Alexander Myrick (portrait), circa 1855

C132 Christopher Myrick (portrait), circa 1855

C133 Mary B. Myrick (portrait), circa 1855

C134 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Myrick (portrait), circa 1860

C135 Lydia C. Joy Myrick (portrait), circa 1860

C136 Elisa Ann Ewer Morselander (portrait), circa 1855

C137 Mary E. and Ann Elisa Morselander (portrait), circa 1855

C138 Captain Thomas Nelson (portrait), circa 1855

C139 James C. Nichols (portrait), circa 1855

C140 Mary Coffin Nichols (portrait), circa 1860

C141 Captain Henry R. Plaskett (portrait), circa 1860

C142 Reuben and Rachel Paddack (portrait), circa 1860

C143 Reuben and Rachel Paddack (portrait), circa 1860

C144 Elizabeth H. Folger (portrait), circa 1860

C145 Elizabeth H. Folger Ray (portrait), circa 1860

C146 Obediah G. Smith (portrait), circa 1860

C147 Charles H. Starbuck (portrait), circa 1860

C148 Nancy Eldredge Smith and Sarah Elizabeth Smith (portrait), circa 1855

C150 Captain Charles E. Starbuck (portrait), circa 1855

C151 Eunice Swain (portrait), circa 1855

C152 Charlotte Plaskett Kelley (portrait), circa 1855

C153 Dr. Charles Ruggles (portrait), circa 1860

C154 Louisa C. Stratton (portrait), circa 1860

C155 Louise Stratton (portrait), circa 1855

C156 Anna Leora Hill Swain (portrait), circa 1860

C157 Elizabeth S. Young (1845-1886) (portrait), circa 1860

C158 Anna Lenora Hill Swain (portrait), circa 1860

C159 Lydia Sprague (portrait), circa 1855

C160 Gilbert and Herbert Swain (portrait), circa 1855-1875

C161 John G. Swain (portrait), circa 1855

C162 Samuel Grafton Swain (portrait), circa 1855

C163 Reverend Seth F. Swift (portrait), circa 1855

C164 Anna Taber Heuar (portrait), circa 1860

C165 Anna Taber Heuar and Mrs. Hannah Taber (portrait), circa 1875

C166 Hannah Coffin Taber (portrait), circa 1860

C167 George and Elizabeth Austin Taber (portrait), circa 1855

C168 Elizabeth Coffin Thomas (portrait), June 1852

C169 Alfred Thomas (portrait), June 1852

C170 Louisa Cobb Thompson (portrait), circa 1855

C171 Louisa Cobb Thompson (portrait), circa 1860

C172 Thomas Folger Mitchell (portrait), circa 1860

C173 Mary Gardner Wilson (portrait), circa 1855

C174 Charles K. Whitman (?-1852) (portrait), circa 1855

C175 Mary W. Vincent (portrait), circa 1855

C176 Mary W. Vincent (portrait), circa 1855

C177 Harriet Thompson Wyer (portrait), circa 1855

C178 B. D. Winslow (portrait), circa 1860

C179 Lydia Worth (portrait), circa 1860

C180 Mary Ann Morrow Winslow and John Winslow (portrait), circa 1855

C181 Charlotte Coffin Wyer (1824–1905) (portrait), circa 1855

C182 Captain James Wyer (portrait), circa 1855

C183 Reverend Alden B Whipple (portrait), circa 1860

C184 Mary Cartwright Whippey (portrait), circa 1860

C185 Ella Young Spencer (portrait), circa 1860

C186 Obed Smith and Sarah Elizabeth Smith Holdgate (portrait), circa 1855

C187 Emily Frances Smith, Mary Anna Smith, and Sarah Elizabeth Smith Holdgate (portrait), circa 1860

C188 Captain Paul West (portrait), circa 1860

C189 Captain Paul West (portrait), circa 1860

C190 Francis Barrett (portrait), circa 1855

C191 Mary Jane Coffin (1815–1896) (portrait), circa 1855

C192 Timothy Calder (1823–?) (portrait), circa 1855

C193 Etta Darrow (portrait), circa 1850

C194 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C195 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C196 Richard Bates (portrait), circa 1855

C197 Charles Brown (portrait), circa 1855

C198 Lieutenant Leander F. Alley (portrait), circa 1860

C199 Sally Comstock Coffin (1779–1864) (portrait), circa 1855

C200 Unidentified woman and child (portrait), circa 1860

C201 William H. Fish (1821–1880) (portrait), 11 March 1857

C202 Unidentified woman and child (portrait), circa 1855

C203 Unidentified woman and child (portrait), circa 1855

C204 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1855

C205 Unidentified child (portrait), circa 1855

C206 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C207 Unidentified man and child, circa 1855

C208 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1855

C209 Unidentified group of four Quaker ladies (group portrait), circa 1860

C210 Unidentified man, woman, and child (portrait), circa 1860

C211 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1860

C212 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C213 Unidentified man and woman (portrait), circa 1855

C214 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1855

C215 Number not in use

C216 Three unidentified men (portrait), circa 1855

C217 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C218 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C219 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C220 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C221 Unidentified man and woman (portrait), circa 1855

C222 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C223 Unidentified child (portrait), circa 1860

C224 Group portrait of six women, 1855

C225 Main Street (Nantucket, Mass.), circa 1845

C226 Unidentified group (portrait), circa 1875

C227 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C228 Mary Abby Coffin (portrait), circa 1855

C229 Abigail Maria Churchill Standish (1832–1931) with John Newton Standish Jr. (1856–1931) (portrait), circa 1856

C230 Mary Abby Coffin Simpson and Mary Louise Simpson (portrait), 1858

C231 George Riddell Simpson (portrait), circa 1855

C232 Mary Abby Coffin Simpson and Mary Louise Simpson (portrait), circa 1860

C233 Nickerson and Standish family (group portrait), circa 1860

C234 Mrs. J.E. Norcross (portrait), circa 1875

C235 Richard Brown, Frank Howland Macy, Cromwell G. Macy, William C. Dunham, and George L. Carlisle (portrait), circa 1875

C236 Mrs. B.G. Coffin with Telemachus Bernard [Coffin] (portrait), circa 1860

C237 Anna Coggeshall Joy (portrait), circa 1860

C238 George F. Joy (portrait), circa 1860

C239 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C240 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C241 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C242 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C243 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1860

C244 George Burgess (portrait), circa 1855

C245 Three unidentified women (portrait), circa 1855

C246 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1850

C247 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1860

C248 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C249 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C250 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1860

C251 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1860

C252 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1860

C253 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C254 Unidentified child (portrait), circa 1860

C255 Unidentified woman and child (portrait), circa 1860

C256 Group of five women (portrait), circa 1855

C257 Two unidentified women (portrait), circa 1855

C258 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Easton and Mr. and Mrs. Hughes (portrait), circa 1855

C259 Group of eleven women (portrait), circa 1855

C260 Group on board a ship (portrait), circa 1855

C261 Unidentified child (portrait), circa 1870

C262 Thomas Starbuck (portrait), circa 1855

C263 Thomas Starbuck (portrait), circa 1855

C264a Thomas Starbuck (1821–1858) (portrait), circa 1855

C264b Thomas Starbuck (1821–1858) (portrait), circa 1855

C265 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C266 Albert C. Macy (1819–1889) and Ellen H. Macy Coon (1844–?) (portrait), circa 1855

C267 Mary P. Eldridge Macy (1818–1888), Bradford C. Macy (1842–?), and Ellen H. Macy Coon (1844–?) (portrait), circa 1855

C268 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C269 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1855

C270 Unidentified child (portrait), circa 1860

C271 Unidentified woman and man (portrait), circa 1860

C272 Isabel Arnold Dame (portrait), Nannie R. Wood (1847-1936) (portrait), unidentified woman (portrait), Mattie Hussey (portrait), Mary Carlisle (portrait), Maria Mackey (portrait), unidentified  woman (portrait), Mary Whippey (portrait), Lottie Hussey (portrait), unidentified man (portrait), unidentified woman (portrait), unidentified child (portrait), Harry Dunham (portrait), unidentified man (portrait), group of seven unidentified women (portrait), Henry Pease Starbuck (portrait), circa 1875

C273–C277 Numbers not in use

C278 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C279 Two unidentified women (portrait), circa 1860

C280 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1855

C281 Helen Marshall (1851–1939) (portrait), circa 1860

C282 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1860

C283 Unidentified child (portrait), circa 1875

C284 Unidentified woman (portrait), circa 1860

C285 Unidentified man (portrait), circa 1875

C286 George W. Cushman (portrait), circa 1875

C287 Sarah Coffin (portrait), Margaret Coffin (portrait), and Eliza Coffin (portrait), circa 1875

C288 Eliza Coffin Cushman (portrait) and Marietta Cushman (portrait) and Harriette Cushman (portrait), circa 1875


Processing Information

Finding aid by Ashley Miller, January 2022.

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