Madaket Millie photo by Beverly Hall

A Passion for PeopleNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryMay 2010–November 2011

A Passion for People showcases photographer Beverly Hall’s outstanding eye for portraiture through four decades of Nantucket history. More Read more from A Passion for People

Gift of the Whale

Gift of the WhaleWhaling Museum, McCausland GalleryFebruary–June 2010

Photographs by Bill Hess; the documentary film The Eskimo and The Whale; an Eskimo kayak and Arctic carvings in ivory from the NHA collections; and the building of a traditional Umiak by wooden boatbuilder Corey Freedman.More Read more from Gift of the Whale

Reuben Pinkham

Beloved and Honoured ParentsNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryApril–December 2010

Letters, written by Reuben and Lydia Pinkham, with many things familiar to Nantucketers today. There are complaints of the cost of living, the lack of selection, and the school committee having major conflicts.More Read more from Beloved and Honoured Parents

Historic New England Camera's Coast

Camera’s CoastWhaling Museum, Mezzanine GallerySeptember–November 2009

A sampler of images from Historic New England's extensive collection of historic photographs documenting New England's rich maritime history, including Nantucket.More Read more from Camera’s Coast

Winterthur Harbor and Home Exhibit

Harbor & HomeWhaling Museum, McCausland GalleryMay–November 2009

The Winterthur exhibition focuses on a largely unstudied region of New England furniture—the area falling between Boston and Providence, which includes the unique seafaring communities of the Cape and Islands.More Read more from Harbor & Home

Nantucket Presidential Documents

Nantucket Presidential DocumentsNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryNovember 2008–December 2009

Remarkable presidentially signed Nantucket documents.  These include shipping papers, appointments of postmasters, customs officers, military commissions and even a casual note dashed off to a Nantucket friend.More Read more from Nantucket Presidential Documents

'Sconset 02564

‘Sconset 02564Whaling Museum, McCausland GalleryMay–November 2008

The history, architecture, personalities, and “character” of this unique village at the eastern end of Nantucket, following its evolution from a fishing village to a world-renowned summer resort.More Read more from ‘Sconset 02564

Susan Veeders Journal of the Ship Nauticon Exhibit

Susan Veeder’s Journal of the Ship NauticonDigital exhibit2010

The complete journal of Susan Veeder (1816-1897) who sailed with her husband, Captain Charles A. Veeder, on a whaling voyage aboard the ship Nauticon. More Read more from Susan Veeder’s Journal of the Ship Nauticon

Squid! Exhibit

In Search of Giant Squid!Whaling Museum, McCausland GalleryFebruary–June 2008

The National Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institution's traveling exhibition: In Search of Giant Squid.More Read more from In Search of Giant Squid!

Paintings of Rebecca Coffin

Paintings of Rebecca CoffinNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryMay–November 2007

Beginning in the 1880s, Rebecca Coffin began to summer regularly on Nantucket, painting brilliant genre scenes and portraits that capture the quaint and fading way of life of post-whaling Nantucket. More Read more from Paintings of Rebecca Coffin

Nantucket Art Colony

The Nantucket Art Colony 1920 – 1945Whaling Museum, McCausland GalleryJune–November 2007

With the waterfront painters, and the influx of many talented visiting artists, the Art Colony flourished, bringing about a rebirth of the waterfront and a transformation at the heart of the island’s identity from a whaling port dependent on the sea to a haven and harbor for the arts.More Read more from The Nantucket Art Colony 1920 – 1945

Whaleship Lexington

Eliza Brock’s Journal on the Ship LexingtonDigital exhibit2010

The entire journal of Eliza Spencer Brock (1810-1899) wife of Captain Peter C. Brock (1805-78), aboard the whaleship Lexington during a voyage from May 21, 1853, to June 25, 1856.More Read more from Eliza Brock’s Journal on the Ship Lexington

Nantucket Nightmare

Nantucket NightmareDigital Exhibit2010

Richard C. Maloney created this series of editorial cartoons that appeared in the Inquirer and Mirror under the signature “Atropos”. It remains a mystery to this day whether the identity of “Atropos” was ever revealed in his lifetime.More Read more from Nantucket Nightmare

Andrea Doria

Andrea DoriaWhaling Museum, McCausland GallerySeptember–December 2006

Commemorating the collision of the Italian luxury liner and the Swedish ship Stockholm, due south of Nantucket, the exhibition included articles from the disaster scene, including a life vest and suitcase. More Read more from Andrea Doria

Signs of the Times Exhibition

Signs of the Times: Nantucket SignsWhaling Museum, McCausland GalleryMay–November 2006

The signs—from shops, markets, offices, ephemeral sites, the hospital, hotels, and restaurants—provide a collective memory of the Nantucket community and offer access to people and places half forgotten or never known.More Read more from Signs of the Times: Nantucket Signs

Scallop Season

Scallop Season: A Nantucket ChronicleNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryOctober–December 2003

Patrick and Benchley followed Nantucket’s scalloping community through 1999-2000. As the season unfolds it quickly becomes evident that almost everyone on the island has some connection to scalloping in their life, and the thread of community soon began to weave its own tale.More Read more from Scallop Season: A Nantucket Chronicle

Nantucket Roots

Nantucket RootsNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryMay–November 2006

Nantucket family registers form an important part of a folk cultural tradition that developed in New England in the mid-eighteenth century. Family members turned to illustrated registers most often to commemorate a marriage, or to memorialize a recent death in the family. More Read more from Nantucket Roots

The Nantucket Historical Association preserves and interprets the history of Nantucket through its programs, collections, and properties, in order to promote the island’s significance and foster an appreciation of it among all audiences.

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