What a View Stereograph Exhibit

What a View!NHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryMay 2016–February 2017

Highlights from the NHA’s collection of over 700 stereographs, this exhibition explores both traditional and modern viewing techniques of this early 3D technology.More Read more from What a View!

Coffin School

The Coffin SchoolWhaling Museum, Mezzanine GalleryFebruary–November 2016

The NHA invites visitors to come see the striking portrait of the admiral painted by Gilbert Stuart; the journal of Henry Clapp Jr., written aboard the school’s early American training ship, and samples of work from a century and a half of student achievement.More Read more from The Coffin School

Characters and Collections Exhibit

Characters and CollectionsNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryMay 2015–May 2016

Explore the quirky characters, cabinets of curiosities, and museum collections that showcased the oddities and treasures of the island during the first flowering of tourism on Nantucket.More Read more from Characters and Collections

Stove by a Whale Exhibit

Stove by a WhaleWhaling Museum, McCausland GalleryApril 2015–March 2017

See how the survivors’ tragic tale has been retold time and again in classic sea stories, in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, and in the contemporary film In the Heart of the Sea.More Read more from Stove by a Whale

Mighty Misty Monster

“The Mighty Misty Monster”Whaling Museum, Mezzanine GalleryApril–November 2015

Artist Susan Boardman’s latest series of embroidered narratives depicting richly animated whaleboats, frothy waves, proud ships, and noble, mighty whales.More Read more from “The Mighty Misty Monster”

LOST ON A REEF Nantucket Whaleship Two Brothers Exhibit

Lost on a ReefWhaling Museum, Mezzanine GalleryApril–December 2012

Material from the wreck of the Nantucket whaleship Two Brothers, the final chapter in former Essex Captain George Pollard Jr.’s ill-fated seafaring career.More Read more from Lost on a Reef

Nantucket Cottage Style Exhibit

Nantucket Cottage StyleWhaling Museum, McCausland GalleryApril–November 2014

Collectors Andrew Oates and William Euler were at the heart of the Nantucket art colony. Andy and Bill's vision for a "life well lived"—epitomized by decades of collecting crafts and fine arts—fueled an island lifestyle based on the beauty and simplicity of cottage-style living.More Read more from Nantucket Cottage Style

In the Fields by J. Eastman Johnson

Eastman Johnson and His ContemporariesNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryMay, 2011–November 2012

Major nineteenth-century genre painter, portraitist, and chronicler of American life, Eastman Johnson first visited Nantucket in 1869, and soon took up seasonal residence on island.More Read more from Eastman Johnson and His Contemporaries

Architectural Legacies Exhibition

Architectural LegaciesNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryMay 2013–April 2015

Highlights of the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) with drawings of key island historic sites, including the Oldest House, Old Mill, Old Gaol, Hadwen House, and more.More Read more from Architectural Legacies

NCF For Love-of the Island Exhibit

“For Love of the Island”Whaling Museum, Overlook GalleryJune 2013–March 2015

Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and its extraordinary work of protecting and caring for Nantucket’s precious open spaces. More Read more from “For Love of the Island”

Nantucket Legends

Nantucket LegendsWhaling Museum, McCausland GalleryApril–November 2013

A close look at some of Nantucket's colorful stories, including the first Nantucket tea party, R. H. Macy's red star tattoo, Tony Sarg's sea serpent hoax, and the origin of roof walks on Nantucket houses, Folger's Coffee, and Nantucket Reds. More Read more from Nantucket Legends

"Brant Point from Channel" by John Austin

John AustinNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryMay 2013–March 2014

Island artist John Austin's photo-realist paintings in tempera and other media ranging from classic views of Steamboat Wharf, the lighthouses, beaches, and shorelines of Nantucket, to quirky subjects like the wrecked vehicles.More Read more from John Austin

Civil War Veterans

Nantucket In The Civil WarWhaling Museum, Overlook GalleryMay 2012–May 2013

In the wake of the whaling industry's collapse, Nantucketers responded with heroic dedication to the call for volunteers to support the Union in the Civil War.More Read more from Nantucket In The Civil War

Nantucket's Cabinet of Curiosities: A to Z

Nantucket’s Cabinet of CuriositiesWhaling Museum, McCausland GalleryMay 2011–November 2012

Showcasing iconic curios, oddities, and other island treasures from the NHA collections, presenting an encapsulated "A to Z" overview of Nantucket history.More Read more from Nantucket’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Sometimes Think of Me

Sometimes Think of MeWhaling Museum, McCausland GalleryMay–November 2010

Stories of inspiring women including: the Wampanoag maiden Wonoma; whaling wife and journal keeper Eliza Brock; whaling wife and journal illustrator Susan Veeder; scientist Maria Mitchell; abolitionist Eunice Ross; as well as many contemporary Nantucket women.More Read more from Sometimes Think of Me

Madaket Millie photo by Beverly Hall

A Passion for PeopleNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryMay 2010–November 2011

A Passion for People showcases photographer Beverly Hall’s outstanding eye for portraiture through four decades of Nantucket history. More Read more from A Passion for People

Gift of the Whale

Gift of the WhaleWhaling Museum, McCausland GalleryFebruary–June 2010

Photographs by Bill Hess; the documentary film The Eskimo and The Whale; an Eskimo kayak and Arctic carvings in ivory from the NHA collections; and the building of a traditional Umiak by wooden boatbuilder Corey Freedman.More Read more from Gift of the Whale

Reuben Pinkham

Beloved and Honoured ParentsNHA Research Library, Whitney GalleryApril–December 2010

Letters, written by Reuben and Lydia Pinkham, with many things familiar to Nantucketers today. There are complaints of the cost of living, the lack of selection, and the school committee having major conflicts.More Read more from Beloved and Honoured Parents

The Nantucket Historical Association preserves and interprets the history of Nantucket through its programs, collections, and properties, in order to promote the island’s significance and foster an appreciation of it among all audiences.

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