Anne Ramsdell Congdon’s Nantucket RenaissanceWhaling Museum, McCausland Gallery Open through October 11, 2021

Featuring approximately forty paintings from the NHA and private collections on island, many of the latter have been rarely if ever seen by the public.More Read more from Anne Ramsdell Congdon’s Nantucket Renaissance

Weaving Nantucket’s Past into Its FutureHadwen HouseNow Open through October 2021

Curated by basket weaver Kathleen Myers. Showcasing over 100 Nantucket lightship baskets from the NLBM, NHA, and private collections. Each...More Read more from Weaving Nantucket’s Past into Its Future

The Road from Abolition to SuffrageWhaling Museum, Williams Forsyth Gallery Now Open through December 2021

This is a story of inspiring individuals who moved Nantucket—and the nation—towards a more just and equitable distribution of political power. More Read more from The Road from Abolition to Suffrage

Spirits Within UsWhaling Museum, Williams Forsyth GalleryNow Open through December 2021

Meet a representative group of extraordinary Nantucket women in a new holographic experience at the Whaling Museum.More Read more from Spirits Within Us

The Battle of Nantucket – War of 1812Whaling Museum Opening July 2, 2021

In partnership with the Egan Maritime Institute and Lynx Educational Foundation, an exhibit on the War of 1812 will explore...More Read more from The Battle of Nantucket – War of 1812

Mapping NantucketHadwen HouseNow Open through October 2021

What has put Nantucket on the map? What should be put on a map of Nantucket? In this exhibit we...More Read more from Mapping Nantucket

Decorative ArtsHadwen HouseNow Open through October 2021

Explore the Decorative Arts Collection of the NHA from fine furniture, tall clocks, and ceramics to an eclectic display of...More Read more from Decorative Arts

Highlights from the Friends of the NHAWhaling Museum, McCausland Gallery Now Open through December 2021

Highlighting gifts from the Friends and members of the Friends from over 35 years of invaluable support to the association....More Read more from Highlights from the Friends of the NHA

Nantucket & The WorldWhaling Museum, Nantucket CornerOpen March 2019 through 2021

Highlights the international networks created by the “active and disciplined” men and women of Nantucket through whaling and trading.More Read more from Nantucket & The World

Discovery CenterWhaling Museum

This interactive play space is a major attraction for families. Children spark their imaginations as they play on the Waterfront...More Read more from Discovery Center

The TimelineWhaling Museum, Entry Hall

Step back in time . . . Learn about Wampanaug life, Nantucket’s earliest settlers, the growth of Whaling, to today’s economy of tourism and building.More Read more from The Timeline

Gosnell HallWhaling Museum, Gosnell Hall

Look sharp, all of ye! There are whales here-abouts!More Read more from Gosnell Hall

Watercolor "Moby Dick and Ahab " by Claus Hoie

Moby-Dick and NantucketWhaling Museum Reopening Mid-July

Discover the story of Moby-Dick here at the Whaling Museum. From stories of Melville’s visit to Nantucket in 1852 to...More Read more from Moby-Dick and Nantucket

Hadwen & Barney Oil and Candle FactoryWhaling Museum, Candle Factory

The 1847 spermaceti-candle factory has been carefully restored to reveal significant elements of the original factory.More Read more from Hadwen & Barney Oil and Candle Factory

The Nantucket Historical Association preserves and interprets the history of Nantucket through its programs, collections, and properties, in order to promote the island’s significance and foster an appreciation of it among all audiences.

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