Food for Thought: All About Octopuses with Jack Dubinsky

All About Octopuses: Context on the Biology, Ecology, Behavior, and Fisheries of These Mysterious Mollusks

Octopuses are complicated and largely misunderstood creatures with their strong gelatinous bodies, color-changing skin, decentralized intelligence system, and keen problem-solving skills. In this talk, Dubinsky will discuss the unique biology of octopuses, with a focus on examining some of the common myths about these peculiar cephalopods. He will also share some of his favorite stories from raising Cthulhu, the Maria Mitchell Association’s mischievous octopus.

In partnership with Maria Mitchell Association and the Nantucket Atheneum’s One Book One Island book selection: The Soul of the Octopus, learn more

Jack Dubinsky discovered his passion for marine biology while volunteering for the Maria Mitchell Association Aquarium at the age of 12. After one brief summer amongst the MMA Aquarium interns and staff, he quickly discovered that he wanted to pursue a career in marine biology.

The Nantucket Historical Association preserves and interprets the history of Nantucket through its programs, collections, and properties, in order to promote the island’s significance and foster an appreciation of it among all audiences.

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