“Pelagic Megafauna: Underwater Photography and Videography from Around the World” with Eric Savetsky

Eric SavetskyEric Savetsky is an avid naturalist, explorer, and underwater photographer/videographer with a lifelong fascination for the sea.  What started out as a childhood dream of fishing far offshore for large bluewater fish has evolved into a passion for traveling the world in search of nature’s most magnificent wonders. This passion includes swimming with and documenting the rarely seen beauty that lies just below the surface of the open ocean. 


Eric’s goal is to share his amazing encounters with people, in the hopes of inspiring a deeper appreciation for our natural world. 

Eric’s underwater videography has appeared in numerous productions, including National Geographic’s “Superfish: Bluefin Tuna” and “Mission Critical: Sharks”; the BBC’s “Atlantic: Wildest Ocean On Earth”; and PBS’s “Operation Man-eater: Great White Shark”. 

Currently, Eric is working with scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to satellite-tag whale sharks – yes, whale sharks: few know these largest of ocean fish exist off the New England coast.  In 2016, Eric and Dr. Tom Burns were the first ever to satellite-tag a whale shark in waters off New England.  In 2017, they were able to place a second tag, and the research continues.  

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